What Kotlin Language Is Used for and Why

9 Jan 2021

Kotlin is a modern language that was developed by JetBrains Software company in 2010. The language was made open source since its release, and it is also fully compatible with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) environment.

Its application development process is much smoother due to the lightweight size and faster compiling process. It allows developers to create cross-platform applications with less coding, which allows them to prevent bugs and errors to a large extent.

Kotlin is said to be the most suitable language for Android Development, but it still cannot surpass Java in many aspects. However, it has strong interoperability with Java, which makes it a worthwhile language to learn.

This object-oriented and multi-paradigm language is also easy to learn due to its concise syntax. It is also compatible with JavaScript using React. Its compatibility with other languages is the reason behind its wide range of applications.

What Is Kotlin Used for?

Kotlin is a multi-purpose language that can be used for client-side, server-side, Android, and web applications. Here are some of its major applications:

1. Android Development

There is no doubt that Java is the primary language for Android, as the whole platform relies on it, but Kotlin has good interoperability with Java. This makes it a good option for Android application development.

It is also known for its concise syntax and coding. More and more developers are moving towards this language because it increases productivity, and some developers even call it a good replacement for Java.

Some popular Android applications such as Pinterest and Basecamp are developed using this language. If you want to develop such noteworthy Android apps, then the best Android development courses might help along the journey.

Kotlin Developed Applications
Source: Habr

This is not the only language used for Android apps, and some other best Android development languages such as Java, C++, and Python possess some better functionalities.

2. Web Development

Kotlin fits very well with JavaScript, and Jetbrains constantly tries to improve its compatibility with other languages. It has the capabilities to work on both the front-end and back-end of a website when compiled with JavaScript.

This language has a popular web development framework called “Ktor” which allows developers to create scalable websites. It is also very compatible with some old modules such as CommonJS and AMD, which facilitate Kotlin in web development.

If you aim to become a full-stack web developer, then you have to learn the best web development languages such as JavaScript, as it integrates well with Kotlin. Moreover, some great web development courses can help you learn faster.

3. Server-side Development

The Kotlin integration with Java is powerful enough that it can use Java-based stacks to write easy and concise code. The language also operates well with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) runtime environment which also helps with server-side development.

The JVM compatibility also allows it to work with a number of frameworks such as Spring JSF and Boot. Overall, Kotlin can easily work with server-side applications due to its connection with Java. You can learn more about server-side applications by choosing some server-side development courses.

Some other server-side development languages such as PHP, Python, and Ruby surpass both Java and Kotlin in many scenarios. You can keep an eye on these languages if you want to enter this specific domain.

4. Native Development

Jetbrains is behind the native development functionalities for this language, so that Kotlin Native can run without the support of a VM, which it currently uses. They want to make it a self-dependent language that can develop all server-side, web, and android apps by itself.

The Native project is still in the beta testing phase, but it is soon expected to be released for developers who want more flexibility with Kotlin. The aim is to provide developers with two-way interoperability within the Native development world.

If you are interested in native applications, then you can learn and grow your career by choosing good native development courses. If you do not want to work with Kotlin, then there are some other native development languages such as JavaScript, C++, and C#.

Why Should You Learn Kotlin?

why learn Kotlin (infographics)

Kotlin has a very concise syntax, which is one of its plus points, but what other reasons are there to learn Kotlin? Let’s find out:

1. Interoperability

The Kotlin language is compatible with Java (JVM) and JavaScript, which allows it to use a variety of frameworks from other languages to develop cross-platform applications or websites. It mixes well with these languages to provide developers with a better output.

2. It Makes You Productive

The Kotlin language cuts out the clutter and allows you to achieve more with less coding, which makes developers more productive. Moreover, Java’s boilerplate code can also be reduced by integrating Kotlin.

3. It Provides Multi-platform Development Support

Google may have announced Kotlin as the main Android apps development language, but the truth is that this language is being used to develop native apps for a variety of other platforms as well.

4. It Ensures Safe Coding

The language helps you develop applications with less coding which means that there will be fewer exploitable bugs in a clean and short code that can easily be tested.

5. It Can Use Existing Java Libraries

The complete compatibility of Kotlin with Java is a big win for both of these languages. Java applications can be migrated to Kotlin, and you can use both languages in parallel to improve your applications.


Since Google prefers Kotlin for Android applications, it has become a go-to language for Android developers. 2018 was called “the year of Kotlin” by the Android developers’ community, which clearly depicts its position in the market.

If you are convinced, then you can take any of these Kotlin courses to start your development career. All the opportunities are there, and if you already know Java then Kotlin is going to be a worthy addition to your development skills.

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