What C# Language Is Used for and Why

10 Jan 2021

C# is considered a modern programming language, and it was developed by a Danish software engineer named Anders Hejlsberg, who used to work in Microsoft organization.

The language was created to work with Windows’ .NET platform to develop responsive and functional windows applications. It is an object-oriented programming language just like Java, and Microsoft released it to give Java a reliable competitor.

The C# was firstly named “COOL” by Microsoft, which is an acronym for “C-like Object Oriented Language”. Microsoft was unable to continue using this cool name because of some trademark issues, so they decided on C#.

The language has a medium learning curve, it is neither too complex like Java nor too easy like Python. Beginners can find it hard to understand the language concepts, but advanced programmers and experts can quickly grasp this language.

We can say that C# is a much better version of C and other older languages because most of the concepts are correlated. Moreover, the applications of this language are also diverse and it is consistently ranked in the top ten programming languages on the TIOBE Index.

What Is C# Programming Language Used for?

C# Applications
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C# is a general-purpose language with a range of different uses in various domains. The language is extremely versatile but there are the six major areas where it is widely used:

1. Website Development

Whether you want to develop a functional website or applications, C# allows you to do so with the .NET platform or open-source software. Microsoft provides an ASP.NET framework to build excellent websites in combination with HTML and JavaScript languages.

Microsoft’s ASP.NET is also used to create highly functional web applications that can run smoothly on the server-side to display output on the client-side. Hence, it can be used on both the front and back end of a website.

As C# is an object-oriented programming language, it allows developers to create manageable and easily scalable web applications that need less maintenance. If you aim to become a full-stack web-developer, then you can consider the ASP.NET framework along with other web development languages such as HTML and JavaScript.

Most website developers start their development career by enrolling in one of the best web development courses to learn the basic concepts. These courses will also guide you further about the ASP.NET framework and its efficiency in web development.

2. Windows Application

C# language was created by Microsoft, and Microsoft is still benefitted the most by this programming language. Microsoft Windows offers a supportive environment with relevant frameworks that smoothly work with C# language.

Most Windows applications are also developed in C# because of Windows’ .NET framework. Another reason that C# is so widely used in Windows applications is that the language has great garbage collection features.

The Windows .NET framework works the best with C# language because both are highly compatible with each other: that is the reason C# is an ideal language for Windows applications.

Many other Windows application development languages such as JavaScript and Java are also used, but C# is most preferable in this domain as it was specifically designed by taking the .NET framework into account.

If you are interested in windows application development, then enroll yourself in any of Windows application development courses to gain expertise in this area.

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3. Game Development

C# is by far one of the best programming languages for game development. Even one of the most popular gaming engines, Unity, also uses C# to develop both mobile and desktop games. The Unity engine surpassed a billion users, out of which 1.5 million are active developers.

Many award-winning game titles have used the Unity engine with C# coding to create excellent games for multiple platforms. Xamarin cross-platform technology further facilitates the mobile developers with the .NET platform to make the process even easier.

Unity is not the only engine that supports C# language, and there are a number of other options available as well, such as Godot, which is a very friendly game development engine for beginners. The only problem with Godot is that it might not support all versions of the C# language.

If you want to learn game development, then join any of the best game development courses to start a successful career.

4. Mobile Applications

C# was mainly focused on Microsoft platforms such as Microsoft Windows and many of C# applications are also used in their Windows phones. Surprisingly, C# is not just limited to Windows, as it can be used to create native iOS and Android applications.

It was not possible to develop cross-platform applications with the help of C#, but Xamarin cross-platform technology solutions entirely changed the way C# was perceived. It allows C# developers to create native applications.

Xamarin Studio integrates very well with Visual Studio to compile the native apps for iOS and Android platforms. If you want to be a mobile application developer, then there are some other mobile development languages such as Java and Python that offer you efficient libraries and frameworks.

The most reliable route to learning mobile development is by choosing one of mobile application development courses that focus on Xamarin-like technologies.

5. Cloud and Azure

Microsoft has their own cloud-based platform known as Windows Azure. The Azure Windows environment is specifically designed by Microsoft to work with cloud-based applications and hosting.

C# has almost all the necessary tools available to work with Windows Azure for the development of cloud-based applications. Visual Studio allows you to create and manage such cloud-based applications with ease.

Many other cloud application development languages such as Java and Python exist with their relevant frameworks, but C# works the best with Windows Azure. C# also efficiently works with SQL Azure which is a cloud-based version of Microsoft’s SQL.

If you are interested in cloud-based development, then start your journey by choosing any of cloud application development courses that will help you gain expertise in this domain.

Why should I learn C#?

C# Features
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There are numerous valid reasons to learn this language in addition to its popularity:

1. It Is Versatile

C# has a wide range of uses and applications. It can be used to create both desktop and mobile applications. The language is also widely used in Cloud Azure apps, Blockchain apps, and games. It also has extensive libraries and frameworks, which makes its applications even wider.

2. It Is Open-source with Cross-platform Compatibility

C# is an open-source language that is managed by its large community. The language has a simple compiler that can be downloaded from Github. Moreover, C# can be used to develop cross-platform applications, which is one of its other notable features.

3. It Is an OOP Language

Object Oriented features make languages more special, complex, and flexible. Being an object-oriented programming language, C# offers a range of features including polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance.

Many complex data types can also be utilized using this language such as partial classes, anonymous types, extension methods, lambda expressions, and asynchronous programming, etc.

4. It Is Highly Compatible with JavaScript

JavaScript is a web scripting language that can be used with C# using TypeScript. TypeScript was originally developed by the creator of the C# language.

TypeScript allows you to write JavaScript code by using advanced concepts from object-oriented programming. Many advanced features such as classes and objects can be integrated into simple JavaScript codes.

5. It Has Great Community Support

Microsoft actively supports and maintains the C# language. On the other hand, the large C# community with over 5 million programmers help each other out on different forums and websites such as Stack Overflow and C# Corner. Millions of visitors come to these forums to solve their C# related queries or problems.

6. It Is Actively Updated

Microsoft has a dedicated team who actively manage the C# language to make it even better. They keep releasing newer versions and they recently updated C# 9.0, which is a better version with many improvements. With every update, new and advanced features are added to this language.

7. It Is Easy to Learn

The language has a similar syntax to C++ and Java, so it is much easier to learn for experienced programmers, while beginners can help themselves by learning from the best C# courses available.

To Sum Up

C# is a flexible and versatile language that is suitable for both experts and beginners who are seeking to start their career in desktop applications, mobile applications, or game development. It is also recommended for people who are just getting started with object-oriented programming concepts.

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