What C++ Language Is Used for and Why

19 Feb 2021

C++ is a superset of the C language. The language has all of the functionality of C yet allows you to program in a more pleasant way with easy-to-understand syntaxes.

C++ is already being used by big players such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and YouTube to program their backends.

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C++ is being used nearly everywhere, from system programming to embedded systems. The language is highly popular for backend system development but there are numerous other applications of C++ in many other industries.

It is widely used in:

  • game development
  • Android development
  • operating systems
  • desktop applications
  • browsers

The exciting part about C++ is that it’s easier to learn, just like other languages such as Python or Java. Learning its basics, however, is crucial if you want to learn C++ fast.

Where Is C++ Used?

With the wide range of applications in game creation, desktop apps, browsers, operating systems, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and so on, C++ is going to thrive for many years to come. Let’s go through all of its major implementations one by one.

1. Android Development

Although Java is being broadly utilized in Android applications, C++ also contributes to Android development using Android Studio and DragonFire SDK. The benefit of C++ is that it provides faster code than Java.

Many applications such as DropBox, Skype, Office and even the game Clash Of Clans are based upon C++. If you want to start your Android journey with C++ then you are encouraged to go through these best courses for Android development.

The smaller memory footprint of C++ language also provides it a little edge over Java in developing Android apps.

Furthermore, C++ is also being widely used on Android platforms and a small set of libraries for C++ is already in place to start developing applications right now. If you aren’t satisfied with C++, here is a list of the best languages for starting Android development.

2. Game Development

C++ is widely used in developing big console and Windows games. The language has a great range of implementations in the gaming industry and game development. Engines like Unity and Unreal make the process easy by providing you an integrated environment to test and develop your games.

You need to possess intermediate knowledge of the C++ language and you must have familiarity with a 3rd-party game library. If you think C++ is not effective for games, you can explore other common programming languages used to create games.

The design patterns in this industry are also crucial to learn and the rest depends upon your creativity and skills.

If you want to break into game making using C++, consider taking these best game development courses as soon as possible. Java is also widely used in games; you can utilize your C++ and Java skills to create a masterpiece.

3. Web Development

The C++ language is also widely used for developing the backends of websites. It is quite efficient in server-side programming but it’s difficult to use on the client side because of potential security risks.

The usage of C++ on the backend will allow pages to load faster than ever. FASTCGI can be used to access the backend code present on your server. If you want to learn more about how websites are developed, here are some of the best courses for web development.

Furthermore, if you want to be a full-stack web developer then you also have to learn some languages for the frontend as well. Here is a list of the best languages for web development to start your career.

4. Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is extremely reliable and fast when using C++ as compared to other languages. There are a number of C++ libraries available for this application such as:

  • mlpack
  • TensorFlow
  • Dlib

Efficiency and speed plays a key role in Machine Learning and C++ provides you both with its systems, which are built from the ground up.

Furthermore, learning C++ will provide you with a deep understanding of ML concepts and techniques better than any other programming language.

The deep understanding of ML algorithms will be more useful for you when you start designing your own unique algorithms. Implementation of your own system becomes easy after you understand the current system’s limitations.

Thus, we can confidently say that one of the best languages for Machine Learning is C++. By the way, if you are particularly interested in the niche then check these useful Machine Learning courses.

5. Deep Learning

The C++ language is not broadly used for Deep Learning (DL) concepts but programmers are utilizing it due to its faster speed and better performance.

C++ is an excellent rapid-prototyping language. Its usage in ML and DL makes learning it a daunting task in the beginning and it can require additional code for implementation.

Languages like Python have helpful libraries that can contribute to faster programming processes, whereas C++ doesn’t have such fancy libraries. However, TensorFlow is a library you can rely on for ML and DL programming with C++.

Why Should I Learn C++?

why learn C++ (infographics)

The C++ language gives you more control over computer resource usage. Moreover, the language performs extremely well when it comes to game and desktop app development. Here are some major reasons to learn it:

1. Very Scalable

C++ is extremely effective when used for resource intensive apps that need a lot of processing power. Graphics-related applications, such as 3D games, use immense resources and they are often built with C++ due to its scalability.

2. Fast Development

C++ development is much faster than any other dynamically typed language. The type-checking is done in C++ before the code is executed. This development speed is dependent upon the experience of the developer, however, it is still a faster option than Java on many grounds.

3. Excellent Control

C++ gives you complete control over application resources so you can use them in particular ways to solve processing power concerns. Hence, applications are not resource intensive as everything is regulated by the code.

4. Large Community

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages in the world with a large support community. StackOverflow is an information hub where C++ learners can get questions answered by experts. Moreover, #C++ is the 6th most followed hashtag on StackOverflow.

5. Software Components and Libraries

The language is capable of writing libraries for other high-level programming languages such as Python, R, Java and C.

6. Low-Level Compatibility

You can also program for device drives and interface hardware using C++ which means that you can also work on a lower level to coordinate with hardware devices.

7. Amazing Career Opportunities

According to Code Platoon, C++ ranks #4 in terms of average salary and is third with respect to job posting volume. The language is primarily used for high performing applications and game development. Due to this, C++ programmers can seek out high-paying career opportunities in any of these areas.

In Summary

The best aspect of C++ is that it provides programmers with complete control over hardware devices. They can wisely utilize their resources in a managed way to minimize processing costs. Moreover, performance is also increased by preventing intensive functions that may slow down applications.

All of the 3D games that we all know and love typically have this intensive resource usage which can be minimized by using C++ language without compromising functionality. This is exactly why it is so popular in game development.

If you are interested in learning the basics, we have compiled some of the best C++ courses for beginners who are just starting out.

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