5 Popular Programming Languages Used for iOS Apps

16 Nov 2020

We use programming languages like Java and C++ for cross-platform mobile development which are used to develop native apps for iOS and Android platforms, but when we specifically talk about iOS apps, our language priorities change. In this instance the most popular languages used by developers are:

  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • Python
  • C#
  • HTML 5
ios programming languages
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Languages like Java are also used for iOS apps, but these five are more compatible with the iOS environment. The demand for iOS development is ever-increasing as Apple keeps introducing new products every year, so if you want to become an iOS app developer, then these are the languages for you:

1. Objective-C

Tome Love and Brad Cox developed Objective-C back in 1984, and has become the dominant iOS development language.

In 2014, Apple came up with its own programming language called “Swift,” and although the dominance of Objective C has fallen, it’s still widely used. Moreover, the applications of Objective-C aren’t just limited to the iOS platform.

Objective-C is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that gives it an edge in iOS development owing to its functionality. But Objective-C is still a big player.

Objective-C is a superset of C language with additional capabilities. If you already know the basics of C, then you can shift to Objective-C without any problem, or you can take a fresh start by picking the best Objective-C course where you will cover everything from basic to advance.

2. Swift

Taking over from Objective-C, Swift has become the primary iOS development programming language. Launched by Apple in 2014, focusing on the needs of its iOS platform, it is far better than Objective-C in both performance and usability.

It has made great progress in the six years since its release, and becoming the iOS developers favourite in 2018. One reason is that it’s easy to learn! Swift is considered to be:

  • dynamic
  • safe
  • modern

The language facilitates developers in many different ways. Unlike Objective-C, Swift is fast and being an open-source language without the major security issues possessed by Objective-C. Its code maintenance is also pretty easy.

Swift does have some drawbacks, though, such as not supporting older versioins of iOS, having bad integration with third-party tools, among others.

However, these faults are considered to be reasonable because Swift is still a new language, and there is a lot of scope for new Swift developers. If you want to become a Swift developer, then grab your best Swift course to cover the basics first.

3. Python

Guido van Rossum introduced Python in 1991. Again, it is an open-source and general-purpose dynamic language. The language supports object-oriented, imperative, and functional development standards.

Python is everywhere, from mobile and desktop applications to Artificial Intelligence, as well as Machine Learning, but Python’s applications are not just limited to these areas. Python is the simplest yet most powerful language to learn in recent times.

In iOS development, Python is really useful in creating functions, libraries, and processing back-end tasks. The interesting thing about Python is that it syntactically relates to Swift. So, it will be easier for you to learn Swift if you already know Python and vice versa.

A PythonKit framework is used to run Python codes by utilising the support of Swift. It also has a large range of libraries to use. If you want to become a Python developer, then you should choose any of the best Python courses to start your programming journey.

4. C#

C# is one of the most versatile languages used to develop applications for:

  • web
  • Windows
  • console
  • mobile

Anders Hejlsberg from Microsoft launched C# in 2000. The language works amazingly well for cross-platform mobile development with wide spread uses on multiple platforms.

IOS apps in C# can be developed using the Xamarin tool, which is included in Visual Studio and allows developers to compile C# code in the form of iOS binaries. These binaries take your C# code and compile it just like it would be coded in Swift .

Automatic garbage collection is also a feature that appeals to developers, as well as the elimination, to a large extent, of the initial memory leak problems.

Like Python, C# is also simple to learn and easy for the use of iOS app development, however one of its downsides is that it uses window-based servers for running applications.

Overall though, C# is a worthy language if you don’t want to keep yourself limited to just iOS applications, as its compiler also produces code for Android.

If your focus is going to be firmly in the iOS world, then Swift is a way better option. There are a number of amazing C# courses available to start iOS development with Xamarin.

5. HTML5

Generally speaking, HTML5 and CSS together are used for web and mobile development across multiple platforms and are utilised for rendering pages in these hybrid apps.

The advantages of HTML5 for iOS apps are that they can be browsed while you are offline and that the language itself integrates many other technologies to develop hybrid applications for the iOS platform

Almost all browsers consistently support HTML5 language, as it also provides multi-platform development. HTML5 is pretty basic and easy to learn; you just need to pick the best HTML5 course, and then you can move to other technology integration options.

To Sum up

iOS development is possible in major programming languages using different frameworks and libraries, but Objective-C and Swift are the two main languages made for iOS development purposes.

Objective-C is not as reliable, but it supports the older iOS version while Swift is a faster and more reliable option for beginners.

If you want to stick with iOS development, then your best option is Swift, but if your plan is to move onto other platforms such as Android, Windows, and Linux, then languages like C# and Python will do the work.

The best way to make your decision on which language is best for you is to check out some of the best iOS development courses that will guide you from beginner to advance level.

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