5 Popular Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

10 Jan 2021

The number of smartphone users was expected to reach 2.87 billion by the end of the year 2020. Around
62% of these users access the internet with their smartphones. This increase in the number of users directly benefits the mobile application industry and it has been exponentially growing in the past five years.

Mobile Users
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This emerging industry is creating new opportunities for developers to release more mobile applications into the market. These applications generate huge revenues for their companies and mobile applications developers are in great demand.

There are numerous languages used for mobile development but not all of them are worth learning in today’s age. However, the languages listed below are currently in-demand and mobile developers are already making a fortune with their hands-on skills.

Mobile Development Languages
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1. Python

Python is a general-purpose language that offers a great amount of versatility. The applications of Python include web-, desktop-, mobile applications, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, etc.

The best thing about Python is that it offers a range of libraries and frameworks to give developers a variety of options. There is a range of Python libraries and frameworks that help with mobile application development, including:

  • Django
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • TurboGears
  • Web2py
  • Matplotlib

Python is also easy to learn due to its simple syntax. Many developers also prefer Python due to its cross-platform compatibility. The language supports multiple platforms and systems to maximize its extent.

If you are developing mobile applications that perform memory-intensive tasks, then Python is probably not the best option. However, the Python applications are scalable and the language also supports GUI applications. If you want to start from the basics then check out these best Python courses for complete guidance.

2. Swift

According to iPhone users stats by Statista, 728 million iPhone devices were in use worldwide in the year 2018. The number of IOS users is exponentially rising because it is considered much more secure than Android. When we talk about iOS development, Swift is the foremost language to consider. It is undoubtedly the best language for iOS development.

Apple introduced Swift in the year 2014 and it slowly surpassed Objective-C in iOS application development. The uses of Swift are not just limited to mobile applications, and it is also widely used for the development of other iOS-based platforms.

Swift also has to offer a range of frameworks that are focused on iOS development. Some of its most popular frameworks are:

  • Cocoa Touch
  • CloudKit
  • AVFoundation

Swift is easy to learn and requires little maintenance when compared to Objective-C. Moreover, Swift also ensures the safe and speedy execution of its developed applications. Swift is also new and that’s why it is currently considered an unstable language, but it will surely improve its reputation in the upcoming years.

If you are eager to learn more about Swift, then explore these best Swift courses that will make you a better iOS developer.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is a versatile and flexible language that has a variety of uses in web and mobile development. Its flexibility allows it to combine with other programming languages to create interactive applications.

The language also supports cross-platform development to run your desktop or mobile applications on multiple platforms. The client-side browsing is extremely fast with JavaScript, and it needs no compiling to execute on browsers.

  • Query Mobile
  • Sencha Touch
  • React Native
  • Meteor
  • Native Script
  • Rachet
  • Mobile Angular UI

Out of all these popular frameworks, React Native is most used by mobile app developers because of its cross-platform capabilities. React Native provides a familiar environment to experienced developers for making the development process easy and fun.

There are numerous great JavaScript courses available to take you from a beginner to an advanced level. If you are still confused and do not know which is the best language for Android development, then keep reading because there are more options ahead.

4. Scala

Scala was recently introduced in the market in 2019. It is a general-purpose language and its exponential growth seems to be unstoppable. The language has a powerful static-type system along with solid programming rules to benefit the developers.

This language solves a lot of issues that programmers face with the Java language. It could be considered a Pro version of Java that includes added functionalities. It is also an object-oriented programming language just like Java.

The language has some functional features that we normally do not see in Java, such as currying, lazy evaluation, immutability, and pattern matching. Java is used as a base for this language, so the applications of Scala are almost the same. Here are some of its current frameworks:

  • Play Framework
  • Lift
  • Spark
  • Scalatra

Scala might push its limits in upcoming years, so it’s a great time to choose your best Scala courses for dominating the mobile app development market.

5. Rust

Rust is officially sponsored by Mozilla and its developers are growing day by day. The applications of Rust are mostly in open-source systems, game engines, operating systems, and mobile applications. The Rust language is more focused on the security and speed of mobile applications.

The language concepts and syntax resonate with C++ and Rust is capable of preserving large systems with ease. Moreover, the programming errors are caught at the compilation stage for optimal coding. Rust also has some frameworks including:

  • Rocket
  • Blazor

Rust has great potential in mobile development due to its speedy and secured applications. Choose your best Rust language course to acquire development skill.


All mobile app development languages have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are easy to learn, while others provide more security and speedy executions. Your mobile development language selection is also dependent on the type of applications you want to create.

If you want to specifically target the iOS platform then Swift is probably the best option, while JavaScript and Python are also great languages for cross-platform development.

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